January 29, 2023

A man from the United States set the record for the fastest time to eat the hottest peppers, the Carolina Reaper chillies, reported the Guinness World Records.

Gregory Foster, a resident of California, ate all the chillies in just 33.15 seconds. Interestingly, the man broke his own record from nine months ago when he ate three Carolina Reapers in 8.72 seconds.

Foster broke the record on September 17, reported GWR. The outlet wrote on its website that the Reapers are known for being the hottest chilli peppers in the entire world. They outrank all others like ghost peppers and jalapeno.

With the Scoville Heat Units, experts measure of spicy a pepper really is. They measure the concentration of certain chemical compounds (responsible for hot sensations) in the chillies.

As per a report by GWR, the Carolina Reapers stand at 1,641,183 Scoville Heat Units.

Foster, who himself owns a hot sauce company is an expert on chillies. He grows his chillies on his farms. “It’s the passion of pain, I guess,” he told GWR.

The record-breaker said that the experience was like eating charcoal “as quickly as possible”.

“This is the one part of the job that I hate,” he was quoted as saying by the record-keeping outlet. “But it’s the one part of the job that’s the most entertaining for everybody else.”

Foster advised people interested in such contests to keep icecream and milk with them while practising or performing the stunt.

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