January 31, 2023

Jaya Bachchan, on season finale episode of What The Hell Navya revealed she was happier being a wife and a mother than an actor after marriage. Elaborating her statement, she said she prioritized her family and it was not a ‘sacrifice’ at all.

Navya talked about the sacrifices women had to make for the sake of their families, and Jaya was not happy with the word.

“I don’t think sacrifice is the right word (for married women) that I would use. I would say that you are putting somebody else’s requirements, emotions and thoughts before yours. It is not a sacrifice, I think when you do something from within you, it is not a sacrifice. You know you are an educated girl, you are a smart girl, why should you be saying sacrifice.” Jaya said.

She further added, “I remember when I stopped working and everybody said, ‘Oh she’s sacrificed her career for her marriage and children’, it was not so. I was really very happy being a mother and a wife. I enjoyed that role more than what I was getting to do (in films), which is a repeat of the same thing. It was not a sacrifice at all.”

Shweta Bachchan also mentioned that women should be supportive of each other.

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