January 31, 2023

Feroze Khan’s ex-wife Aliza Sultan Khan took divorce from him. He was accused of domestic violence by his wife and the case is ongoing in the court. Recently, a lawsuit is going on to decide on maintenance for children.

After Monday’s hearing, Feroze’s attorney said the accusations and defamation caused by it has affected Khan’s reputation and he has stopped getting projects, hence he is not ‘financially stable’ to give the quoted amount.

At court appearance, the attorney said, “Feroze Khan is not in a good financial position right now because of the allegations against him. He is not getting big projects.” He further said, “We will submit a proposal on December 15 in court in which we will mention the amount Feroze will give presently because work is not being offered at the moment. If in future he gets big projects we will cooperate with Aliza.”

He also said, “We hope that madam Aliza and her family will play a positive role in solving the case respectfully.”

Whereas, Sultan’s lawyer has revealed that children have not received a single penny from their father

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