December 1, 2022

MULTAN: Reacting to the federal government’s decision on the audio leaks about the US cipher purportedly featuring former prime minister Imran Khan and other leaders, the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Sunday said the US cipher was a reality, setting seal of truth on its position.

PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi Sunday declared the federal cabinet summary had proved that the US cipher was a reality. His reaction came after the federal cabinet formally approved to launch legal action against PTI Chairman Imran Khan over his recent alleged audio leaks.

Addressing a press conference here, Qureshi said the government had accepted their stance on the cipher. He maintained that they never took any step that harmed national security. “The government is in a frenzy,” the PTI leader said, adding they were not afraid of an investigation, says a news report.

Meanwhile, PTI leader and former federal minister for information Fawad Chaudhry Sunday rejected the federal cabinet’s decision to investigate the audio leaks of Imran Khan concerning the US cipher. Reacting to the cabinet’s decision, Fawad said Imran Khan was removed under a conspiracy.

He said investigating the cipher was a step in the right direction but the investigation should be done by a commission constituted by the Supreme Court and not by the FIA to strike a deal. He also demanded the constitution of a commission to investigate the audio leaks.

Sharing a copy of the summary prepared by the sub-committee of the cabinet, Fawad pointed out the date of the cipher received by the-then government and said he hoped that the PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz “will not change her position on the cipher investigation from an independent commission”.

PTI leader Shibli Faraz said, “Cipher is a reality.” He maintained that it was shared by PTI’s government with the-then National Assembly speaker and Chief Justice of Pakistan amongst others.

Criticising the coalition government, he said, “The current govt is the result of its contents.” “What is the discussion about? Is it to divert the attn from tanking economy or smoke screen Dar’s & Maryam’s NRO?” he asked.

PTI leader Babar Awan Sunday said the cases against Imran Khan were baseless, and the imported government wanted a civil war in the country. Addressing a press conference outside the Islamabad High Court, Awan said after losing the Punjab by-elections, the current rulers had gone mad.

“They have changed the history of Pakistan just to arrest Imran Khan but he will be successful against them.” The PTI leader said he had told the court that the bail was already taken in this case, and a baseless case was registered against Imran Khan.

“They tried to arrest him last night; the government wants a civil war. We are waiting for Imran Khan’s long march call and the whole Pakistan will come out on the call. The history and destiny of Pakistan are going to change,” Babar added.

PTI Secretary General and former federal minister Asad Umar Sunday said, “Yesterday the nation heard a lot of lies, slander, and baseless accusations levelled by criminals, money launderers, and murderers but it was their cowardice, panic, and fear.”

“The way the group of criminals and thieves played their pranks under the title of Quaid’s vision is nothing but shame and humiliation for them. The nation came out in millions in solidarity with Imran Khan and blew the air of lies and slander out of the balloon,” he said while addressing a press conference at the PTI Sindh Secretariat in Karachi.

Asad said there was no ambiguity and no contradiction regarding the cipher but the recently leaked audios were the seal of truth on ‘our position which the ruling alliance has been denying’.

“In their own leaked audios, they were demanding benefits for their family. They ordered discontinuation of the health card which increased Imran Khan’s popularity. The lives of millions of poor, indigent and destitute people of the country are connected with the health card, but for them, people’s lives have no meaning apart from their own interests,” he added.

The PTI leader said, “Every civilised country in the world makes laws for its people, but here the case is reversed. Here laws and amendments are made in order to allow these elites to live arbitrary lives and those who want such a system should get all facilities.”

He said what happened last week and the kind of decisions confirm that regime change was successfully executed with the help and patronage of external forces by buying consciences. “There were two main objectives of regime change, first to remove Khan from the scene and the second was to cover up the crimes and suspend the punishments.”

Speaking on this occasion, PTI Sindh President and former federal minister Ali Zaidi said the Sharif family had strange traditions based on contradictions, hypocrisy, and lies. “Even the devil is forced to hide from such brazenness and indecency of the Sharif family. Nawaz Sharif says his father was a billionaire in the sixties and 22 famous families of that time used to drink water from their pitcher while his younger brother Shahbaz Sharif says he is proud of his poor father who was a poor farmer. Hassan Nawaz says they were tenants in the Mayfair flats, while Hussain Nawaz says Alhamdulillah those flats were theirs,” said Zaid.

Continuing, he said, “Maryam Nani says she has no property in London and Pakistan, and then it is proved in the Supreme Court that these flats are owned by companies named Nielsen and Niscole, registered in the British Virgin Islands. And the beneficial owner of these companies is Maryam Nawaz.” He said the one who escaped in the prime minister’s plane and who was a witness in the money laundering case in the recent past was brought back in the prime minister’s plane.

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